Photo of the day (74): Rhodea

A very peculiar and characteristic genus, occurring in Colombia and northern Ecuador, is Rhodea. It is classified with the Subulinidae, but its anatomy is unknown. Grego et al. (2007) published a review in which they (re)described 9 species and gave details on their distribution. Most species are known from old material only and it may be concluded that Rhodea is a rare find nowadays.

Rhodea gigantea

Andrés Quintaro recently found these specimens of
R. gigantea Mousson, 1873 during field work in Valle del Cauca, near Laguna Calima.

Grego, J., Steffek, J. & Infante, A.P., 2007. Review of the genus Rhodea (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Subulinidae), with description of two new species from Colombia. - Basteria 71: 13-28.